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Types of Adoption


Well-Rounded Knowledge of Adoption

At Schmiesing, Blied, Stoddart & Mackey, the devotion of a significant portion of our practice to the law of adoption means we are fully familiar and experienced with the various types of adoption, and approaches to adoption, that are permissible under California law. We work with, and represent, licensed adoption agencies. In addition, we also handle independent adoptions (also known as private adoptions), as well as step-parent adoptions and adult adoptions.

If you are considering adoption of any type for any reason, don't hesitate to contact us at our main office in Orange County, California, to discuss how we can help you with the legal steps and issues involved in adoption.

Facilitating Embryo Adoption

Another form of adoption you may have heard of is embryo adoption. Couples undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) often produce multiple embryos in case implantation is not immediately successful. An increasing number of these couples, once they have achieved a successful pregnancy, are donating these embryos for adoption.

Embryo adoption is different from other forms of adoption in that the adopted embryo is implanted into the womb of the adopting woman. Our attorneys are heavily involved in raising awareness about embryo adoption and can help you explore this option.

Supporting Families in a Variety of Circumstances

Adoption is the legal process of creating a new parent-child relationship that is both permanent and legally recognized. It may, in some cases, also involve a separate legal proceeding to terminate the parental rights of one or both birth parents.

At Schmiesing, Blied, Stoddart & Mackey, we provide adoption legal services to a full range of clients.

We are experienced at arranging placements at birth as well as placements of older children who need adoptive parents. We handle intrastate, interstate and international adoption placements.

We are also knowledgeable about the use of adoption to give legal recognition to an existing "de facto" family relationship, including both stepparent adoptions as well as adult adoptions. Whatever type of adoption you are considering, contact us to get the experience and attentiveness of our adoption lawyers on your side.