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Probate Administration

At Schmiesing, Blied, Stoddart & Mackey, our probate attorneys have from 25 to 40 years of experience with the probate of wills, the post-death administration of trusts, and the successful winding up of estates. For a free consultation about probate administration services, contact us at our main office in Orange County, California.

Our Orange County probate lawyers can advise you as to whether the estate you're responsible for needs to go through Probate Court supervision, or whether the assets can be distributed under the will or to statutory heirs without court involvement. We can also assist with the following essential estate administration functions:

  • Prove the validity of the will
  • Determine the need for Probate Court supervision
  • Publish the estate to heirs and creditors
  • Assemble and preserve assets and prepare and file an inventory of the estate
  • Pay debts, assess and resolve claims against the estate
  • Prepare and file estate tax returns
  • Appraise and transfer real estate as necessary
  • Distribute property and bequests to heirs and legatees under the terms of the will or the intestate succession statutes.